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Map of France Places to go in France Paris Brittany, Normandy and Northern France South of France, Provence, Languedoc and the Mediterranean Southwest France, the Dordogne, the Pyrénees and the Atlantic Coast Central France, the Loire Valley and Burgundy

Places to go in France

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

France is so rich in beauty – natural, cultural, historical, architectural, culinary and more – that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Head to Paris, one of the world’s great cities, where around every corner is a new treasure? Or opt for the quiet pleasures of rural and village life, and discover the exceptional countryside on foot or bicycle?

The abbey of Saint-Martin de Canigou in the Pyrénées

The abbey of Saint-Martin de Canigou in the Pyrénées

Go inland to the fortified towns and châteaux of the valleys and mountains, or head to the coast for beaches, seafood restaurants, and water sports?

Read about the different regions, think about your ideal holiday, and don’t try to cram too much in on your first visit. After all, if you’ve been once, you’re certain to go back.

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