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Celebrate Bastille Day!

June 6 2017
Bastille Day, the 14th of July, is France's national holiday. In every city, town and village all over the country, citizens celebrate the birth of their republic with fireworks, music, food and drink.

If you're in Paris, head to the Place de la Bastille for a big dance party. You won't find the Bastille Prison there any more - after the revolutionaries stormed the building on a hot July day in 1789, the old jail didn't last long. But you will find lots of happy party goers and plenty of French joie de vivre. Or head over to the Champs Élysees to catch a big military parade, followed by fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.

But wherever you are in France, you'll find a celebration. The French love their festivals, and Bastille Day is the biggest of all.