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Visit Claude Monet's home in Giverny

July 11 2017

If you love the timelessly beautiful art of the Impressionists, don't miss the chance to visit the village of Giverny, site of the home where Claude Monet spent the latter half of his life and painted many of his most famous canvases. It's 80km north of Paris, so it's well situated for a day trip.

Monet moved to Giverny in 1883, when he was already an established artist, and cultivated the garden, which he immortalized in many paintings. The most famous of his Giverny paintings are the many canvases of the water lilies floating in the pond, a subject he returned to many times.

Monet's artistic energy never flagged, and the canvases painted in his 80s are some of his most beloved, with great richness and complexity of colour.

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