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The cave homes of France

November 13 2017

People lived in the caves of central France tens of thousands of years ago- and they still live there now. France's prehistoric cave dwellers created the cave paintings of horses, buffalos, and action scenes of hunting that you can see at dedicated exhibits at Lascaux and Chauvet.

Living in a cave fell out of fashion for a long time, but hundreds of years ago in the Loire Valley, people discovered that living in a cliff face can be a great idea. In the Loire Valley, workers cut out the white stone to build the great châteaux. Locals found that the holes in the quarries made convenient caves for storage and dwelling.

Today, lots of people still live in houses built into the sides of cliffs. The best place to see some of these cave homes is the town of Saumur, but there are many other cave homes scattered around the Loire Valley. Find a place to stay in the Loire Valley and explore this fascinating region for yourself.