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The Camargue: where wild horses roam

January 29 2018
The Camargue is a great natural region where the river Rhône meets the Mediterranean sea in an immense flat plain. Most of it consists of lagoons of salt water, surrounded by sandbars and marshes.

As Europe's largest river delta, it is rich in natural beauty and is home to a great variety of animals and plants. The area is protected from development, so more than 400 species of birds make their homes here, including flamingos, who throng the salt pools in large flocks.

But the most famous animals of the Camargue may be the wild white horses, the Camarguais. The ancient breed is one of the oldest in the world, and they are known for their stamina and agility.

The city of Arles, at the northern edge of the region, is itself rich in history and culture, and was home to Vincent Van Gogh for part of his life. If you're planning a visit, find a place to stay in the South of France.