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Tips on renting a holiday home in France: Check your rental agreement!

February 5 2019
When you rent a French holiday home with, you rent directly from the owner. This way, you avoid paying a big commission, and you get a personal connection with the owner. To ensure a trouble-free holiday, get a clear and detailed rental agreement before you send money.

A rental agreement will define your rights and obligations as a guest in a rental property. Your rental agreement should state:

  • the name and the exact address of the property
  • the name of the homeowner and/or the agent, as well as his or her cellphone number
  • your name and contact information
  • the start and the end of the rental period (including time of access and departure)
  • the rent amount and what it includes (eg linen, towels, cleaning, electricity, water…) as well as what it excludes (eg heat, wood for the fireplace…)
  • how the rent should be paid (eg PayPal, bank transfer, credit card…), and when (dates and amounts of down payment and balance)
  • whether a damage deposit is required, and if so, when is it payable, how damage is measured, how and when the deposit is refunded, and how deductions are made
  • what referrals are available or required for and from the landlord and the tenant.