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Tips on renting a holiday home in France: What's the best option for a large group?

April 3 2019

If you're planning a holiday in France for a big group of people - say 10 or more - what's the best choice for self-catering accommodation? Your options may be to find a single home with multiple bedrooms, or a property with two or more separate units on the same location.

Think firstly about the group that you're bringing. If it's one single family and you're used to spending time together under the same roof, then a single large house such as Pallas may be ideal.

If it's a gathering of different families, you may be more comfortable in a property where you can divide up into different units and get together at mealtimes or at the pool, such as at Les Aliberts or Le Manoir des Granges (pictured).

What if you're all one family but some of you are married with spouses and children? Consider the ages of the children. When they're old enough, they might love to share with their cousins, and a big children's room with bunk beds can be a memorable adventure for them. But for babies and toddlers, a separate unit away from the main building may be ideal. The child can have daytime naps in a quiet space, and they won't disturb other family members if they wake up crying in the night.

Whatever suits you best, start by looking at a list of holiday rentals in France. At the top of the page, under "How many guests?" enter the number of guests, then press Go. You'll see a range of options, including properties with multiple units and large homes for everybody.